Are Tree Roots Strangling Your Sewer Line? What Are Your Options?

If you've recently begun to notice your sinks, tubs, and toilets clogging more easily or draining slowly, you may be considering buying stock in liquid drain cleaner to offset the number of bottles you've purchased. However, in some cases, your sewer problems could be the result of tree roots that have snaked their way into small cracks in your sewer line, widening these crevices and preventing water and liquid waste from flowing into the sewer main.

Need A Bigger Garbage Can? Use These Tips To Reduce The Amount Of Waste Your Home Produces Instead

Driving through nearly any neighborhood on the day when the local trash service is due to collect the garbage can be very revealing. The trash bins brought to the curb by some families will be neat and carefully closed, with no actual garbage in sight while the bins from other homes are filled to overflowing with bulging, smelly bags full of garbage. If your family's trash bins have become a source of embarrassment on trash day, you should know that it is surprisingly easy to learn how to drastically reduce the amount of trash your family produces and the following tips will help!

Choosing A Household Mop: Important Considerations

Most people wouldn't list "mopping floors" as a favorite activity, but for anybody with solid floors in their home, mopping is a necessary chore to keep floors clean and sanitized. Unfortunately, not everybody realizes that different types of mops are designed to perform different cleaning tasks. By understanding the pros and cons of a few common styles of mops, you can determine which one will come most in handy at your home.