Answering Questions Concerning Weather Threats To Portable Toilets

Portable toilets can be essential for a variety of work sites and events. However, renting these toilets may not be a task that you have much experience addressing, which can cause you to be unsure of how to keep these toilets safe from various weather conditions that may strike your area. In particular, cold weather and high winds are common weather-related issues that you may need to handle, and learning the following two questions will help you to better understand how your portable toilets will withstand these conditions. 

Will Cold Temperatures Cause Problems For The Portable Toilet?

Cold temperatures can be a particularly problematic issue for these toilets because they can cause the waste inside them to freeze. This can cause the toilet to malfunction, and it can quickly become extremely unsanitary. To mitigate this issue, these toilets have antifreeze mixed into the storage tanks, and this will usually prove sufficient to prevent freezing from occurring. 

To ensure the comfort of your workers and event participants, you may need to opt for a toilet that is outfitted with heaters. These heaters will activate when someone enters the unit, and this will rapidly warm the interior to a more comfortable temperature. 

What Can Be Done To Protect The Toilets From High Wind?

Another issue that these toilets must handle is high winds. These winds can cause the portable toilet to flip over, and this can destroy it while also spilling the contents of the waste storage tank. As a result, you will need to take proactive steps to keep your toilets safe from this type of issue. 

The easiest option for doing this is to use special spikes that are strong enough to hold the toilet to the ground. However, it should be noted that not every portable toilet will be equipped to be used with these spikes. In this case, you may need to secure the toilets in place with bungee cord or rope. While this will not be as stable as using spikes, it may be your best option when a sudden storm is threatening your portable toilets. 

When you are needing to use portable toilets, it is important for you to understand some of the threats these toilets may encounter. By understanding how to prevent cold temperatures from causing problems for the toilets or those using them and how to keep them safe from tipping over in high winds, you can help ensure that your portable toilets are safe from these routine weather concerns. 

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