Remodeling A Bathroom? What To Do With All That Stuff

If you are planning to remodel your bathroom, there are different things you can do with the things you remove from it. Below are some tips you can use to get rid of your things in the right way so you can concentrate on putting in your new bathroom.


If you are removing your toilet to replace it with a new one, you will have to find a place to put the old one. You could likely take it to the curb for trash collection, but may not want a used toilet sitting in front of your house. You could also take it to the landfill, but may not want to put an old toilet in your car or truck.

Instead, hire a sanitation company to come to your home and pick the toilet up for you. In some cases, they can come right to your door and help you remove it from your home, if you prefer.

If you do not want to throw the toilet away, you can recycle it. Call a recycle company in your area. They will use a process that crushes the porcelain, and then use it in concrete to make roads, sidewalks, and driveways. The recycling company may ask you to remove anything that is not porcelain from the toilet, such as the bolts and toilet seat.

Bathroom Sink 

Depending on the type of bathroom sink you have, you may be able to sell it. Below are some sinks you will likely be able to get good money for:

  • Pedestal sink
  • Granite sink
  • Solid stone granite sink
  • Granite composite sink

Contact a home supply store in your area to see what these sinks currently sell for so you know you are charging the right price for them. You can put your ad in a newspaper and online to sell your sink.


If you are replacing your bathtub, you can take the old one to a landfill, or have the sanitation company pick it up along with the toilet. You can also repurpose the bathtub if you want. One option you have is to turn the bathtub into a flower garden. Flowers that will cascade over the side of the bathtub will look nice, such as petunias, lobelia, black eyed Susan vine, and geranium. You could also fill it up with ice and put drinks in it if you are having a get together outside.

Plan what you are going to do with these things before you start your construction. This will make things go more smoothly for you.