3 Important Tips For Using A Portable Toilet On Your Next Camping Trip

As the summer of 2015 wraps up and you get ready for your kids to go back to school, there are enough warm days and nights to schedule one more quick get-away before homework, bedtimes and extra-curricular activities make family time more difficult. Fortunately, camping is an affordable way to enjoy the weather while you can and spend time together as a family. Even better, you will not need to take the little ones to the bathroom on the other side of the facility in the middle of the night when you buy a portable toilet and there are multiple options to choose from.

Be Sure To Provide Enough Privacy

One of the biggest concerns about portable toilets for camping is often the lack of privacy. Fortunately, you can buy a small tent that will hold the portable toilet. Although you will find numerous tents that are geared specifically for a portable toilets, you can also find a one or two person tent that will do the same job.

If you elect to use a standard tent for your portable toilet, make sure it will be tall enough for the tallest person in your family while he or she is standing up. Therefore, pup tents are not always the best idea, due to their small size.

Consider The Portable Chemical Toilet

The portable chemical toilet can be used with or without the option to flush. However, both options use diluted chemicals to break down human waste. Those chemicals are placed into a holding tank. As needed or when full, a hose is introduced into an appropriate connection on the side to flush everything into into an acceptable receptacle, like the waste disposal site at many camping sites.

A flush chemical toilet recirculates the chemicals and looks a lot like the toilets in standard bathrooms. A non-flushing model looks more like an outhouse toilet, in that you can see straight into it.

Understand The Standard Portable Toilet

A less sophisticated option is a standard portable toilet. It resembles ones that you may have seen in hospital and medical settings over the years. It is a chair with a container below to catch waste and should be cleaned after every use to keep it sanitary and prevent smells.

Fortunately, you also can use plastic bags over the receptacle to make cleaning it a bit easier. Regardless of the toilet you ultimately choose, be sure to wear gloves and a face mask to reduce unpleasantness.

In conclusion, camping is an ideal way to spend time with your family and enjoy outdoor activities for a reasonable cost. By investing in a portable toilet, you can all sleep better and never need to worry about young children not making it to a far away bathroom in time every again.